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A quick word on the school’s namesake

November 15th, 2009

We’ve been a little curious here about the name of the school we’ll be working on come Saturday. So we opened up the google and did some research… and found a chunk of world history none of us had been aware of before.

We discovered that Eugenio Maria de Hostos was an activist in Latin America around the turn of the century. He worked on behalf of social justice and independence for all people throughout his life. He was both an administrator and a teacher; he founded a teaching school in the Dominican Republic that promoted advanced teaching methods and helped reform schools in Chile. While in Chile he gained the right for women to be admitted to public schools and to receive training in law and medicine. He wrote books, articles and treatises on social justice, many of which are still widely read today. Many of us were particularly moved by the epitaph he wrote for himself:

“I wish that they will say: In that island (Puerto Rico) a man was born who loved truth, desired justice, and worked for the good of men.”

Something we can probably all aspire to.

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