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Max Barrios talks about the murals for Carver Ranches

June 10th, 2011

Max Barrios is the Studio Manager for Zimmerman Advertising.  He worked with Milan DeVito and the other creatives at Zimmerman on the murals for the Carver Ranches Boys & Girls Clubs.  Some quick thoughts from him on what we’ll be creating on Saturday …

In the beginning, my intent was to help Omnicom Cares with this project. However, as time went by and I first arrived at the facility, I realized it had new meaning for me. Not only was it an amazing opportunity to work with a program like Omnicom Cares but it was a way to give back to the community and kids, that the Boys and Girls Club of Carver Ranches help each and every day. My interactions with the kids helped me focus more on my mural and the meaning I wanted them to take from it, each and every day they passed it in the halls. It helped highlight the impact this organization has on young adults and kids alike. The more time I spent at the facility the more I began to realize that I would be leaving my own message for these children. It was no longer just a paint by numbers project but an inspirational journey for each person involved in the mural itself.

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