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Milan De Vito and Jordan Zimmerman on the OmnicomCares Carver Ranches Project

June 17th, 2011

Well it has been almost a week since the OmnicomCares brigade finished their one-day ‘extreme makeover’ and ‘paint-by-numbers’ rehabilitation of the Carver Ranches Boys and Girls Club.

At the head of the creative direction and much of the implementation was the Zimmerman Agency.  Jordan Zimmerman has since written a beautifully inspiring blog post.  We strongly encourage you to read his thoughts and see some of the wonderful work that was done.

Also, Milan De Vito allowed us to reprint below what he sent around to his creative team after the project was completed:

Driving to the Carver Ranches facility early Saturday morning, I felt a growing sense of excitement that the day had finally arrived. After spending several evenings after work preparing the stencils, transferring them to the walls, and making sure everything was in order for the volunteers, we were finally ready to bring our ideas to life with the help of dozens of volunteers. One could feel the energy in the air after walking in and seeing the hustle and activity.

Everyone gathered in the gymnasium for opening remarks, and the sense of scale became clear when you looked around and saw the small army that had gathered to spend a full day volunteering and working on projects. After the commencement, we delegated our assigned volunteers to teams, gave them instructions, guidance, and materials, and kicked off.

For me, the experience was even better than expected. I was less concerned about finishing the murals than I was about coordinating the mass of volunteers, but everyone involved was eager, excited, and genuinely happy to participate – to my relief, it made the process very easy and manageable. The hours evaporated quickly, and I watched as layers and layers of color, brushes, and hands attacked the murals with detail and care. When we started winding down, you could hear the laughter and camaraderie from the shared experience as volunteers marked one of the walls with their handprint.

As the halls emptied, and the original mural artists surveyed the finished result, we stood in awe of what had been achieved. There was a strong sense of pride and gratitude, and an intangible satisfaction that we had done some real good for the community. The Carver Ranches facility had been transformed from a generic concrete container to a special and unique destination, a place that children and their parents would never forget.

Thanks again to all!

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