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OmnicomCares, Zimmerman, and the Big Paint-by-Numbers Project

May 19th, 2011

Let me tell you about a very important partner in our upcoming OmnicomCares service project next month in Broward County,  Zimmerman Advertising.

What’s so special about Zimmerman?  Well, they’re wonderfully innovative, incredibly passionate, and, of course, cool.  But they are also one of those agencies on a mission.  An agency that walks (or in this case bikes) the talk.  And they’ve been an essential partner in helping plan, organize, and support the Carver Ranches Boys & Girls Club project taking place June 11th.

Let’s start from the bottom up.  That is, the upcoming OmnicomCares Carver Ranches Boys & Girls Club project June 11th.

Once they found out about it, the folks at Zimmerman were all over it … helping with planning, procurement, logistics, promotion – ‘you name it!’ – with a special nod toward their particular skill set – creativity.

One of the many things Zimmerman is doing is the design of a giant mural that will grace the bare, gray, stark wall of the Boys & Girls Club main hallway.  Zimmerman creatives Max Barrios and Milan Di Vito are leading the design team.  As part of the creative process they, along with others at Zimmerman, spent hours researching the community and talking with the boys and girls, about themselves, their lives, their community, and the club.  By all accounts these are very, very special young men and women.  And mural design will reflect not only the local community culture but also the children’s hopes and dreams for their future.

We can’t wait to see it.  But that’s not all.

The project will be South Florida’s largest ‘paint-by-number’ canvas.  That’s right, the Zimmerman team will sketch out the design on the wall, and on Saturday, June 11th, volunteers will fill in each section and parcel according to numbered colors.

Creativity, fun, artistic expression (and mild chaos) is a sure bet.

But there’s more about Zimmerman that you should know.

Check out zMotion.  It began over six years ago when Jordan Zimmerman, Pat Patregnani, and Mike Schweiger of Zimmerman Advertising were looking for ideas to inspire and rally their associates. They learned about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and their annual charity bike tour, and thus the concept of inspiring each other to train for and attend various charity bike rides

Thus was born zMotion. In the six years since founded, the zMotion Club has participated and supported countless charitable rides and is involved with philanthropic organizations throughout South Florida.  Since its inception, zMotion has raised and provided services of more than $3.0 million for a variety of causes and developed a team of over 800+ club riders who share a common love for cycling.  zMotion has become a visible force in the South Florida cycling community

Oh.  And they are a very cool advertising firm as well.  Their specialty is something called ‘brandtailing‘.  They say it is the blood that run through their veins.  Maybe that’s where they’ve got the red branding.

Zimmerman Advertising will have over 50 volunteers on Saturday so they’ll be hard to miss.  Be sure to take time to shake some hands and say thanks.

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