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OmnicomCares at the Detske Centrum Orphanage

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

OmnicomCares held two volunteer days to help Detske Centrum Orphanage – a dilapidated, state-run institution outside Prague. On August 20th, 2008, over 140 members of the Omnicom family showed up to volunteer their time and repair the orphanage grounds. So many volunteers asked about going back and finishing the work, that OmnicomCares did return a few weeks later to do exactly that. Even a few initial skeptics became enthusiastic supporters the minute everyone started to pitch in.

Once the work was done, a party was held for the children at the orphanage, and at the conclusion of the party, Omnicom presented the orphanage’s director with a lorry load of their wish list items… and several delegates assisted in unloading and unpacking these items. This was in addition to a series of auctions held at a nearby Omnicom conference, where delegates were able to bid for various items or make donations. All proceeds went directly to the orphanage, raising a total of:

Public Auction: $7,206.50
Silent Auction: $2,872.45
Donations: $1,011.75
Grand Total = $11,090.70