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Our Thoughts Are With Haiti

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Dear readers, fans and followers of OmnicomCares-

We here have all been struck by the incredible level of devastation in Haiti and the ever-growing death toll on the island. Initial help is already on its way to aid the Haitians in such desperate need of food, water, shelter and basic medical services. believes that the infrastructure already in place will channel aid quickly and efficiently.

We recommend that you go to either CNN’s or Fox News’ lists of reputable organizations and choose an organization from these vetted lists. The window of time to help with Haitians’ most immediate needs may be closing, but they will clearly need help in so many ways months and even years from now.

Book drive for our Yonkers school project

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

As part of our work with the Eugenio Maria de Hostos school in Yonkers, OmnicomCares is also holding a book drive, open to the entire Omnicom Family. They need to purchase 20 book sets to support their HEART curriculum (Humanity, Ethics, Aesthetics, Respect, Responsibility, Trust), and this is where everyone’s generosity can help out. If you would like to help the school, but cannot come to far-off Yonkers, please feel free to send a check to the following address:

Checks should be made out to ‘The Volunteer Center’; please put ‘Omnicom Book Drive’ in the memo field. Checks should be mailed to:
Robyn Pyles
Omnicom Capital
One East Weaver Street
Greenwich CT, 06831

Any amounts are accepted, as is cash. Please also include an email address so we can send you the tax deduction information.

Once again, thank you for everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in this worthwhile cause. And for those of you who will be joining us, we look forward to seeing you Saturday!

A Last Look at Yonkers

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

After so much work renovating the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Microsociety School a few weeks back, it’s not surprising that so many folks decided to put together their own films from the event. Here, again, is a sample of just how much fun good work can be, as well as a bit more on what this whole OmnicomCares effort is all about. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us, and please don’t forget to click on the ‘book drive’ sticker if you’d like to help more!

A quick word on the school’s namesake

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

We’ve been a little curious here about the name of the school we’ll be working on come Saturday. So we opened up the google and did some research… and found a chunk of world history none of us had been aware of before.

We discovered that Eugenio Maria de Hostos was an activist in Latin America around the turn of the century. He worked on behalf of social justice and independence for all people throughout his life. He was both an administrator and a teacher; he founded a teaching school in the Dominican Republic that promoted advanced teaching methods and helped reform schools in Chile. While in Chile he gained the right for women to be admitted to public schools and to receive training in law and medicine. He wrote books, articles and treatises on social justice, many of which are still widely read today. Many of us were particularly moved by the epitaph he wrote for himself:

“I wish that they will say: In that island (Puerto Rico) a man was born who loved truth, desired justice, and worked for the good of men.”

Something we can probably all aspire to.

Video wrap-up of Saturday’s Service Project

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

We all had a great time at Saturday’s event… and as this video will prove, there is no reason why fun can’t mix with elbow grease! We’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures from the event on our Facebook fan page in the coming days and weeks, so please “fan” us there if you’re on Facebook. If not, maybe twitter’s more your thing? Whichever way you choose, please follow us to keep up on the latest news and events.

Thanks again to an amazing team of over 100 volunteers! As the school’s principal said in the previous post, you really are an extraordinary group of individuals, and make us all proud to be part of the Omnicom Family.