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The numbers behind the Carver Ranches Service Project

June 12th, 2011

Whew!  Yesterday was quite a day.  Some folks tell me it was a miracle.  Yesterday the Carver Ranches facility was antiquated, cluttered, and – to be blunt – pretty depressing inside.  Today it is new, modern, and – thanks to Zimmerman designs and a whole lot of talented painters – downright exciting!

Here are some of the numbers behind the ‘paint-by-numbers’ … (Let me know if I missed anything!)

  • 1,675 feet of patch cable installed
  • 30 new computers set up
  • 10 flat panel displays hung
  • 6 Microsoft Kinnect game consoles installed
  • 10 wall murals and 30 canvas murals painted
  • 230 gallons of paint brushed and rolled (and spilt!)
  • 4,226 feet of wood cut and sanded
  • 19 picnic tables built and stained
  • 30 cubbies / benches built and painted
  • 2 basketball courts designed, coated, and painted
  • 1,536 bottles of water drunk
  • 50 slim jims eaten (sorta)
  • 1 bandage applied

Over 250 volunteers and 7 hours later.  A brand new home for over 400 local children this summer.

Thanks, everyone!

More photos to come!

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One Response to “The numbers behind the Carver Ranches Service Project”

  1. Carver Ranches Boys and Girls Clubs Image Gallery is online here:

    Thank all of you for helping us help our kids.